Cheese Science & Technology Training Course

Cheese Science and Technology Training Course
3 – 5 February 2016
University College Cork

This intensive three-day course will provide participants with knowledge of the principles of the science of cheese manufacture and ripening in addition to covering yield efficiency, processed cheese, cheese as an ingredient, and the acceleration and control of ripening. This course will span the range from introductory to advanced topics. There will be ample opportunity for personal contact with the trainers and industry colleagues.

Who should attend?
• Cheese manufacturers
• Quality personnel
• Research and development personnel
• Food graduates who need a refresher course
Some knowledge of food science would be beneficial.

Course Fee
The cost of the course is €795 which includes tuition, course manual, lunches, refreshment breaks, a class photograph and a Certificate of Attendance. This course may be part-funded for eligible applicants.

Course Programme
The topics covered in this course will include the following:
• Cheese as a product
• Diversity of cheese
• Dairy chemistry – casein, whey proteins, fat
• Milk pre-treatment
• Rennet gelation, syneresis
• Starters and acidification
• Cutting, cooking, whey drainage
• Curd Treatment
• Ripening; overview and control, microbiology
• Metabolism of lactose, lactate, citrate
• Lipolysis
• Proteolysis
• Amino acid catabolism
• Acceleration and control of ripening
• Yield efficiency
• Processed cheese
• Cheese as an Ingredient

For further information and registration please contact:
Dr Angela Sheehan
Food Industry Training Unit
College of Science, Engineering and Food Science
University College Cork
Telephone: 353 21 4901423
Web Site: 
Food Industry Training Unit
University College Cork


Cheese Institute Fundamentals


Cheese Institute Fundamentals is a new 10 month programme designed by by Bord Bia & Teagasc Moorepark in partnership with industry. The programme content includes both technical and marketing modules which are aimed specifically and farmhouse cheesemakers.

Cheese Institute Fundamentals is designed to bridge the gap between starting your farmhouse cheese business and scaling for export. Designed in partnership with industry, Cheese Institute Fundamentals will address the key production, process, control issues, along with marketing and business development challenges faced by farmhouse cheesemakers.

Cheese Institute Fundamentals Dates:

  1. November 17th 2015
  2. December 15th 2015: marketing
  3. January 12th 2016: technical
  4. January 19th 2016: marketing
  5. February 2nd 2016: technical
  6. February 16th 2016: technical
  7. March 8th 2016: marketing
  8. March 22nd 2016: marketing
  9. April 19th 2016: technical
  10. May 17th 2016: marketing
  11. June 21st 2016: technical
  12. July 19th 2016: wrap-up

Fee: €500 + VAT (€615)

For further information on the programme, contact or tel 01 6142267.

New EU Co-Financed Promotional Programme, 2016

“Enjoy, it’s from Europe”: Over €100 million to promote European agriculture in 2016

“Enjoy, it’s from Europe”: the new promotion policy was adopted on 13 October 2015 by the European Commission.  The Commission has said it will make more resources available, increase the co-financing rate and will cut the red tape for the approval of projects. This is part of an effort to increase progressively the available EU budget for promotion, from €61 million in 2013 (when the new rules were proposed) to €200 million in 2019.

Under the new rules, the EU co-financing rates will also go up from 50% to 70-80% (up to 85% for Greece and Cyprus). At the same time, national co-financing disappears, thereby creating a level playing field across Member States. Red tape will be significantly cut during the selection process of projects, making it easier to apply.

Useful Links:
– Summary Info
– A synopsis of the new regulation 

Origin Labelling

Report on mandatory origin labelling for milk, milk used as an ingredient in dairy products and “other types of meats” from AGRI C3 16 June 2015 – CDG on Quality and Promotion.

Download Document Origin-labelling-for-CDG-Quality

Download Document FACE-PP_Origin_Labelling

Useful Links:
– The report is available on
– The study is available on

Nutrition Labelling, December 2016 Deadline

From 13 December 2016, all food businesses will need to display nutritional information on pack in accordance with the provisions of the Food Information to Consumers (FIC) Regulation.

This regulation was introduced in December 2014 with the aim of harmonising food labelling within the EU and to ensure that consumers are appropriately informed.  Several EU Directives including those on food labelling and nutritional labelling were consolidated into one as EU Regulation No.1169/2011 on the provision of Food Information to Consumers (FIC).

From 13th December 2016, food businesses will need to display nutritional information on pack, in accordance with the provisions of the FIC Regulation. Nutritional declarations will become mandatory then, but if this information is declared on food packaging today, it must conform to the new provisions in FIC.

Useful Links:
– FSAI Ireland Labelling